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Ao Dai, a Vietnamese traditional dress

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On this earth, each country has its own traditional costume. Vietnam too, Ao dai has been a traditional costume from ancient times to this day.

Although it has had a lot of ups and downs over the years, its value is still very intact. It has honored the beauty of Vietnamese women in particular and the Vietnamese nation in general.

Ao dai Vietnam has been recognized by UNESCO

Today, although there are many fashion models, the Ao Dai still holds a very important position not only in the domestic fashion village but also in the world. It has been recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage and has become a symbol of Vietnamese woman.

The Ao Dai is suitable for all ages, and all social classes. From the rich to the poor, from children to the elderly, everyone can wear ao dai. For each age, ao dai has appropriate sewing methods and styles, helping the wearer feel more confident and beautiful.

Beautiful curves of  Vietnamese women body

The modern Ao Dai is a tunic slit to the waist with the two loose panels falling down to mid shin. This dress, which is really suitable to the small build of a Vietnamese woman, reveals the hidden beautiful curves of her body. As for the girls, the ao dai even more exalted the balance of their inherent flexibility.

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Ao dai made with many different fabrics: Thai Tuan brocade, silk, velvet, silk, etc. Sewing styles are very diverse and can also be stylized as three-inch or one-inch necks, boat necks, round necks, etc. not colorful but still very young and delicate. The Ao Dai has more and more styles to choose from, but it still retains its inherent beauty no matter what.

Ao Dai is forever beautiful and timeless

Ao dai is the pride of Vietnamese people not only in their own country but also throughout the five continents and four seas. Certainly, the Ao Dai is forever beautiful and timeless.

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