The meaning of Carnation Colors

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Meanings of Carnation Flowers of Different Colors

Popular colors are red, crimson, white, pink, yellow, purple, striped… Each flower color has its own beauty and meaning:

Red Carnation: Shows respect, gratitude, love, sincerity. It is a symbol of kind mothers. Therefore, red carnations are very suitable for gifting your mother or a woman you respect.

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Crimson Carnation: Expresses love that is somewhat painful. When a boy gives a girl crimson carnations, it is good to say “My heart aches for you”.

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White Carnation: Expressing pure love, innocence, sweet, lovely, somewhat foolish and pure. This is also a gift to bring luck to women, instead of wishes. Therefore, white carnations are often used as gifts for lovers or as wedding bouquets.

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Pink carnation: Expressing gratitude, sincerity, special affection, steadfastness, not easy to fade like a mother’s love for her child. Therefore, pink carnations are suitable for giving mothers on March 8 or October 20. In addition, it also represents faithful, eternal love. If a boy gives a girl a pink carnation, it means “I won’t forget you”.

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Meaning of Carnations by country

In addition to the common meaning, in each country, carnations have different meanings:

English: Carnations are used to express the feelings of boys to the girl they secretly love and miss.

Vietnam: Carnations symbolize happiness and a full and perfect marriage. Therefore, it is used a lot in weddings (hand flowers, decoration). In addition, this flower is often used as a gift on Mother’s Day, vietnamese women’s day.

United States: The carnation is the official mother’s day flower.

Are carnations a good gift?

Carnations are often used in many occasions such as weddings, mother’s day, graduation, teacher’s day…

Wedding ceremony: Carnations are used as bridal bouquets, wedding decoration flowers. Usually people choose red and pink carnations.

Mother’s Day , vietnamese women’s day: Used as a flower for mother on mother’s day or birthday to show respect, love, gratitude.

Valentine’s Day: People also often give their lover carnations instead of roses.

Graduation ceremony: Carnations are used in hand-held bouquets, given to you to express love, respect and desire for a solid and lasting friendship.

Teacher’s day: To express respect, admiration and gratitude to teachers.

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