The meaning of Lilies ? What occasions are lilies for?

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The pure and beautiful lilies have entered so many poems and paintings. Lilies is known as the noble and noble flower, and is a symbol of beauty. However, not everyone knows what Lily flower is and is there any story hidden behind that pure beauty. Lily flower is the Legend and Meaning of Fidelity.

Characteristics of lilies

Lilies with white color add a little green, or with yellow, pink, purple stripes … especially the plant possesses a mild aroma. Glass petals are thick yellowish green, the stem of the lychee is the tuber located in the upper part of the ground. The flower branches are a bit stiff, so they are less prone to breakage due to environmental impacts.

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Lilies bloom at the end of spring, early summer, that is around April and are only active for half a month. Currently lilies are grown in popularity everywhere in our country, flowers can bloom all year round

Tearful love story about Lily flower

Lily flower is derived from the tearful love story between Jack and Lyly. The two of them loved each other dearly, but in chaotic times, Jack had to leave his lover to fight the enemy. Before parting, Jack gave her Lyly his heart.

After Jack left, Miss Lyly waited with all her heart, no matter how counseled by loved ones. Time passed, 1 year then 10 years, 20 years until the soldiers left the village returned and Jack had not seen yet.

But she did not know that, when he left, because of giving back his heart, Jack gradually lost all love, became a cold-blooded man, killing a habit. The war is over, he becomes the head of a gang of robbers and exploiters. Jack made a lot of people hate, including the leader of the village opposite. He tried to return to Jack’s old hometown to take his relatives hostage and went to ask a austere old woman – Lyly himself.

Hearing her lover’s name, Lyly lit up her eyes. Realizing the love glow in her eyes, the leader could not speak the truth, only dare to say that Jack was dead on the battlefield. Lyly was in pain and decided to go to the battlefield to find the body of her lover to bury her heart with herself.

On the way, after days of drizzling sunlight, fainting, she fell into the hands of a bandit and was stolen from the box of hearts. The bandits bring heart to the leader and it is Jack, when he opens the box he finds out that Lyly is always waiting for him. But too late, he was no longer worthy of the love that Lyly for him anymore.

He told the bandits to give Lyly his heart back and showed her a grave to find Jack, but the greedy bandits hid the box but still gave her a fake one. Lyly was in pain, not knowing that she was deceived, crying for many days and then decided to bury her heart in her lover’s grave and die with him. Long after that, from her body grew into a beautiful white flower, it was called Lily flower . Lily flower has become a symbol of loyal love, as strong as Lyly’s love for Jack.

Many different meanings of lilies

Lilies have many different meanings in life. However, here are some of the key meanings of lilies that are best known:

  • Luxury, nobility.
  • Motherhood, being a mother for the first time.
  • The purity and beauty of youth.
  • Passion.
  • The relive.

What occasions are lilies for?

Lilies is suitable for many events in everyday life.

Weddingday: Red lilies is the perfect choice to make the bride’s hand flower and flower decoration for the wedding day.

Opening Greetings: Pink and Yelloe Lilies is a suitable choice in opening ceremonies  of the company.

Mother’s Day: is often used as gifts for mothers in the holidays such as Mother’s Day, vietnamese woman’s day.

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Visiting the sick: You can also donate a bouquet of Yellow flowers to those who are sick to wish them a quick recovery.

Birthday: Lilies is one of the ideal choices to give birthdays to superiors, colleagues and friends.

Condolences: White Ly Hoa is suitable for condolence flowers in funerals.

The meaning of lily colors

Each lilies color has different meanings such as:

White:  The meaning of is a symbol of virtue and purity. Therefore, white lilies are often placed on Easter occasions and offered to Our Lady. People often give their lover a bouquet of white lilies to show their strong love.

Yellow: The meaning of  is a symbol of gratitude and sincerity. People often give Yellow lilies to teachers, parents, and those who help themselves to express their gratitude and gratitude.

Pink : The meaning of the rose symbolizes wealth and nobility. Pink lilies are often used to decorate the occasion of the new year to wish for a prosperous and prosperous year.

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If you are a lover of Lily flowers and treasure the beauty and the meaning behind it, choose for yourself the most fragrant and beautiful bunches of glass to decorate your house. Surely those glasses will make your space more lively and give off a seductive scent.

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