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Lotus Flower – A meaningful gift for a foreign partner

Lotus flower is a flower associated with the life of Vietnamese people. Regardless of the field, the lotus is loved by everyone for its beauty as well as for its meanings.

The meaning of the lotus symbol

The lotus is the national flower of Vietnam. And it is considered as a symbol of Vietnamese culture and people.

The lotus is a pure flower and has been around for a long time. The lotus grows in the mud, lives in the mud but rises out of the water towards the sun. Although living in the mud, it still overcame the hardship to grow lush and gently show off.  The lotus flower represents secularity, lives in black mud, but always remains pure.

The lotus has long been considered a sacred flower of Buddhism. People often use lotus to worship the gods. Just like human beings, exist in the middle of life but free from greed, hatred, and lust and not be tainted by the flow of life.


The meaning of the lotus is also shown for greatness, love and sharing. In addition, it also represents a noble spirit in life and high culture.

The meaning of the lotus through colors

White lotus : The white lotus flowers will feel the simplicity, lofty and purity. The white lotus has subtle solemn features. The white color of the lotus flower brings peace and peace to the soul.


Pink Lotus : Pink lotus is  the national flower of Vietnam. Pink lotus brings the taste and humanity of Vietnam The pink lotus color is a rustic, serene, idyllic but full of dignity and friendliness, human hospitality, and the nature of the earth.


What occasion would you give someone lotus flowers?

1.For your love


In the love of couples, the lotus flower is given to each other by everyone to help express pure and lasting love. Therefore, this flower often represents extreme elegance and purity.

2.Wedding Day


Many Vietnamese brides choose pink or white lotus as the wedding flower . Pink lotus bouquet carries great meaning on the big day, expressing lightness, depth and endless sweetness. Choosing pink lotus on the wedding day enhances the rustic but still exudes a solemn and beautiful look of the bride.

3.On Vietnamese women’s day

You can buy a lotus flower bouquet to give it to your beloved mother, sister, wife on Vietnamese women’s day . The delicate scent of pink lotus will surely capture their heart.

4.To a foreign partner

Because the lotus is the national flower of Vietnam,  the lotus flower can be a meaningful gift to the boss or a foreign partner.

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