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Top 5 Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day 14/2


Vietnamese girls are different from girls from  American, African, Europe, Australia and other  countries. They still keep many traditional customs. So dating and gifting Vietnamese girlfriends is not as easy as you thought.

Here is the list of Top 5 Gifts for Vietnamese Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and gifts you should not give her can help you to make her happy with the gift. The best way of saying “I love you”.


In the world, giving and receiving chocolate has become one of the most popular ways to commemorate the day of love.

There is no need to write so much about chocolates because they are the top gifts on Valentine’s day. You should choose her favorite chocolates: milk, dark or bitter-sweet chocolates with or without nuts and dried fruits.


You  wonder why chocolates are gifted on Valentine’s day. Chocolate is not only a sweet but also a meaningful gift and the symbol of love . The first bite tastes bitter but it tastes sweet in the end. It is a mix of bitter, sweet, greasy and butter tastes which are like tones of loves: sweetness, share, compassion, anger.

Chocolate contains caffein, theobromine, serotonin, phenylethylamine so that it may improve mood, boost energy and happiness. It is known as a superfood for the soul.


Traditionally, rose is considered the flower of love. The hue and variant convey deep emotions, including that of longing, love, and desire. Red roses are often also used to express feelings of admiration, respect, and devotion. Red roses is the number one color for 14th February.


In 2019 , people spent $20.7 billion on Valentine’s Day and $1.9 billion of that was on flowers. Red roses are in such high demand on February 14th that it could be tough to get your hands on them. So you could start planning ahead. Ordering a bouquet of red roses online is a hassle-free way to send the message of love to your girlfriend. PhuQuyFlowers has a huge selection of Valentine’s Day roses, many of which offer same day and next day delivery. You can even have them couriered directly to the individual’s home or office.



Do not think that Vietnamese adults do not like stuffed animals. It is true that many Vietnamese girls love to hug and sleep with giant teddy bears or hearts gifted by their boyfriends.


Jewelry is a perfect gift for girls around the world, including your Vietnamese girlfriend. Heart, floral, key can lock patterns are more popular than others. There is a wide range of choices including earrings, arm and leg bracelets, necklaces or jewelry sets.


You should learn about her favorite brands and colors before buying cosmetics for her. Perfumes, lipsticks are easier than face or body creams/lotions/butters, mascaras, facial cleansers, cheek colors or makeup sets to choose.

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