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The meaning of vietnamese new year

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The vietnamese New Year (Tet, Luna new year…) is the biggest festival in the traditional festivals of Vietnam.

The Vietnamese  New Year has a profound humanistic meaning, expressing the longevity of life,  greatness in spiritual life …

1. Visit the home town – a pilgrimage to the roots.

The Lunar New Year represents the communion between heaven and earth and humans with gods. Considering the relationship between man and nature. Tet – because the weather (weather) follows the operation of the universe, manifested in the alternate cycle of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – has a special meaning for a society where the economy is still relying on agriculture as the mainstay.

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Vietnamese people have a custom every year when Tet comes, no matter what they do, wherever they are looking to return to reunite under the family’s home for 3 days of Tet, visit the home town,… to be relived with loving memories of your beloved childhood. “Going home for Tet” is not a common concept of going or going home, but a pilgrimage to the roots.

2. The day of reunification

According to Vietnamese beliefs, New Year’s Day is the day of reunification, the relationship between neighbors and neighbors has been expanded, binding each other into common morality for the whole society: couples, family love, the love of teachers and students, patients with physicians…

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Tet is the first day of the new year, everyone has the opportunity to sit back and review the old work and “do new” things. New jobs can be started in terms of cleaning, painting and redecorating the house. People will wear new clothes. This is also an opportunity for people to renew emotionally and spiritually so that the relationship with their loved ones is closer, more comfortable and joyful …

3. Optimism and hope.

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For each person, the sorrows and quarrels were put aside. At least three days of Tet, everyone laughs together, speaks slowly, politely to wish for a good relationship throughout the coming year. Vietnamese people believe that the happy New Year’s days at the beginning of the year signal a good new year to come. The old year has passed with bad luck and the new year begins to bring people positive beliefs in life.  In this sense, Tet is also a day of optimism and hope.

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