Top 5 most meaningful gifts for parents in Vietnamese New year

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During the busy year-end days, people were struggling to choose Tet gifts. If choosing gifts for friends and partners is quite easy, on the contrary, choosing a Vietnamese New year gift for parents makes many people have a headache.

Confectionery gift basket

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Confectionery gift baskets are gifts that appear a lot in every Tet holiday, not only that, this is also a gift that is selling very well. Confectionery gift basket is loved by people and families is also understandable because it is not only practical but also suitable for many different objects, especially the elderly.

Orchid Pots

vietnamese gifts basket - new year- 280321-05For a long time, orchids have always received the love of many people from young to middle age. But not everyone knows that orchids are also a very meaningful Tet gift. The orchid Pots will be the most ideal suggestion.

Orchids are a symbol of wealth, wealth, and orchids also bring prosperity to the family. Therefore, when receiving this gift, your parents will be very happy and feel your sophistication.

Bird’s nest

And bird’s nest is one of the simple but wonderful gifts you can give to your parents.

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Bird’s nest soup is known as a very nutritious food that helps support the health of everyone, especially for the elderly. Bird’s-nest gift is like a meaningful health wish that your parents will surely love


In the list of Tet gifts for dad to choose the most, it is impossible not to mention wine. Wine is not only for drinking but also for display, so no one will certainly refuse this interesting gift.

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Besides traditional wines, you can choose foreign wines or wines with beautiful and eye-catching designs as gifts for your loved ones.


Besides bird’s nest, ginseng is also one of the great suggestions for you to choose.

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